Sunday, November 18, 2007

Yes! I'd love to see two women get married.

So, I remember oggling fine young men in the A&F Quarterly in high school. It was amazing- Erin brought a copy of the fall issue in during French class of my junior year. Strapping naked lads, expensive clothing with natural cotton, and recipes for strudel or some form of baked apples. Skinning dipping seemed to be a regular theme too. Not sure how it was selling clothes per se, as not many models featured were wearing them, but hey. I guess it worked since most of my friends wore it.

The catalog flew fast and loose with objectifying both sexes, but as this ad shows, they were also pretty progressive.

I'd like to think, that in the end, it evens out, and perhaps high schoolers remember not just the gratuitious nudity, but also the broad-minded acceptance of sexuality.

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