Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Before I write the compulsory "What I'm Thankful for" list or whatever else, does anyone remember the retailer Bradlees? I was looking for something topical to write about tonight, besides yams, pie, and turkey, and came across this gem:

Why am I sharing?

A) I thought the commercialization of holidays was only getting really bad recently. This shows I've just been paying more attention recently.
B) Thanksgiving Sales commercials have definitely gotten a lot more sophisticated, often using graphics, effects, etc. Let's compare.
C) The word "door-buster" has been around longer than I thought. I hate that word.

Seeing all of these frenetic ads, warnings about two and a half minute sales, etc, makes me stressed. I just want to enjoy a normal Thanksgiving, or what passes for Normal (ok, maybe not that odd) over here. In that pursuit, laptop's going off.

Till tomorrow-

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