Friday, November 02, 2007

Stepford Training starting young?

Salon's Broadsheet recently called attention to a new playhouse put out by Hasbro, the Rose Petal Cottage. It's cute, it's easy to assemble, and like many first homes, it comes with a stove (what, no fridge?).

However, when you go to their site, you only see girls playing with the house set. Additionally, their zeal for doing laundry and baking muffins is a little disconcerting. To echo Broadsheet's comments, why couldn't there be some less domestic activities?

One way the site *does* bring play into this modern world is the electronic wish list. Children (presumably w/ parental help?) can make and email a wish list of appliances to relatives or friends, checking off which items they already have. It'll be a few decades before these kids have a bridal registry, but I guess you can't start learning the virtues of consumerism too soon.

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