Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Break time.

I'm on vacation for the next few days, but I guess I won't get any rest from NaBloPoMo. However, seeing how I've already done some community service and helped a neighborhood family out with some much needed firewood, I'm going to go take some Advil and lie down. (Three large pick-up trucks of unsplit oak. Fat unwieldy chunks the size of stools or night tables. With an unhelpful dog running around under foot. I've earned my Advil, thank you very much.)

It's kind of interesting coming home for the holidays or a long weekend. Co-workers and friends from Manhattan always look at pictures of my parent's log cabin in disbelief, while neighbors here upstate can't believe I spent my weekend writing on-air promos for the Lifetime Movie Network. The discrepancy between the girl who balances spreadsheets and makes deadlines to the girl who tools around in a red pick-up seems confusing to many. To them, I say pfffft. After my Advil, I'll maybe chop some firewood for my own woodstove and then bake a pie for tomorrow. Gender stereotypes, eat your heart out.

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