Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Marketing to Women "Don'ts"

Found this on Girlpower's site:

Girlpower Women's Statistics

1. Don’t think of women as a “niche” market.
2. Don’t take a product and “dumb it down” or “paint it pink.”
3. Don’t segment women strictly by age.
4. Don’t ignore the time women spend online and influencing their networks.
5. Don’t underestimate the power of the women’s boomer market.

All of these are good notes to follow no matter who you're marketing to, but I think, for me, numbers 1 & 2 stick out the most. Nothing gets my ire like being treated like some sort of exotic species. Related to both 1 & 2, I'd add another thought: If you're appealing to *just* guys or make a commercial that appeals to men through sexism, you might turn off women buyers. While thinking in terms of niches or market segments can be handy, what appeals to some certainly won't appeal to all, and can potentially limit your market.

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