Wednesday, November 28, 2007

This perfume doesn't smell like roses...

It's late, and I'm still at the office. Whee.

So, as you can expect, this is gonna be a shorter one. Steve Hall over at Adrants wrote a really good post today about tobacco, marketing, and responsibility. Two things I noted in particular about his article: 1) RJ Reynolds will cut all print advertising in 2008. That means no more Joe Camel in newspapers or magazines. 2) Why now? Because they were getting flack about their Camel No. 9 brand, which attracts women smokers through it's likeness to Chanel. It's amazing what they'll do to sell this shit.

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annulla said...

True, but it is also amazing that women still buy that shit and think that smoking makes them look "cool" or sophisticated.

Blather From Brooklyn