Monday, July 24, 2006

What do these titles have in common?

What do the following movies all have in common?

K-19: The Widowmaker, Bewitched, Sleepless in Seattle, How to Make an American Quilt, Real Women Have Curves, American Psycho, Whalerider, North Country, Lost in Translation, The Peacemaker, Aeon Flux, Girlfight, Me and You and Everyone We know, Monsoon Wedding...

They're all feature films directed by women. Specifically, these women:
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jugo said...

Bewitched? Aeon Flux?

Now let's get some stats on quality of film as it relates to the director's gender.

Jennifer said...

Ok, let's play that game...

If you look at this list of 2005 bombs from Rotten Tomoatoes, only one women-directed title made it. Aeon Flux.

How about 2004? MSNBC's list doesn't have any efforts by women auteurs. This MSN Newsweek list doesn't either.

2003? USATODAY's list has not a one.

So, let's look at IMDB's list of 100 worst rated films... Not even Aeon Flux placed. Which by the way, has a rating of 5.5 on the site, which isn't entirely awful.

I'd say, let women direct more films. With stats like these, it might be safer...

jugo said...

But Aeon Flux is awful. I saw part of it, and after my seizure I decided I didn't like it. And actually, the thing that got me was the untenable directing. The shots were all so short that I literally couldn't blink. It was ADD on speed in fast motion, and unwatchable not because of the acting, the writing, the plot, or even the hackneyed visuals. I couldn't even get to those things, past Kusama's attempts at making something beautiful and surreal into something Action-Packed! and mundane.

Anyway, take a closer look at the crew for Going Overboard, one of IMDB's worst. A female director makes the list.

And where are the women directors on the IMDB's top 250? There's probably some on there, but they didn't direct any of the ones I've heard of.

So we've established that there are some good female directors, and some bad female directors, and we already know that there are some good male directors and some bad male directors, but where are the great female directors? The ones to compare with all those great male directors?