Wednesday, July 19, 2006

German Invasion of Grand Central: Invest in Germany (or else!)

There has been a recent blitzkreig of advertising to Invest in Germany.... It's all part of a new campaign to bring business and investors to Germany, esp. after the publicity and fanfare of the World Cup. How would you choose to get the message out? Maybe something Germany's known for? How about German-born supermodel Claudia Schiffer? Now we're talking!

Wrapped in a flag and posted on almost every available wall space in Grand Central Station in NYC, Schiffer shows her national pride and does her part to help get the word out about Germany. I find the campaign a little intimidating-- Schiffer's eyes stare out at you, daring you not to invest, and her body is plastered everywhere, making it hard to avoid her gaze.

Interesting that Germany would pick her as their hottest export, but it does lend a bit of buzz and humanity to a campaign that otherwise might be full of BMW's and lederhosen. It'd be nice if you could have a successful campaign that wasn't based on a hot blonde wrapped in a flag, but if that's all Germany has.... well, perhaps we'd better invest.

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