Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Remember Keri Russell?

I just heard that she's the new face of CoverGirl. (Yeah, this is older news, but I've been a little out of the loop. CoverGirl, Maybelline, whatever.)

It's interesting (and sad?) to note how strongly women performer's screen presence and resonance seems tied to their physical appearance. A haircut didn't change her acting abilty (at least, I hope not), but it definitely changed how people percieved her. She was pretty talented on Felicity, but her haircut proved more fatal than Samson's.

Anyway, watch the commercial if you want. Her trademark curls are gone, much like her early successes.

* Just a note on the spot itself-- did you notice how the only visible "bad guy" she takes out, besides the shadow-figures, was a black guy? :(

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Anonymous said...

I love Keri Russell! So of course I was excited when I saw her as the new COVERGIRL! She is very beautiful and talented.

Jennifer said...

She is pretty, and talented yes... definitely could be doing something better than CoverGirl.