Thursday, August 17, 2006

PSP's Racially & Sexually Charged Ads

Lots of people have already noted how racially charged these print ads have been for the portable Sony PSP-- but few have pointed out how strongly they objectify the women within them. The ads, done by TBWA, were eventually pulled.

As you can see, a caucasion women dressed in white dominates a black woman, dressed in black. In the other picture, the reverse happens. It's supposed to show the struggle to pick what color (black or white) is better for your PSP. Instead, it shows women competing as sex objects, wanting to be top bitch. The poses and expressions are also very savage; the women are animals.

The only reason that this ad was pulled was for the racial content-- not the gender issues. I'm not trying to downplay the racial disparities at all, just trying to point out that gender inequality shouldn't be overlooked.

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