Sunday, March 18, 2007

Some Positivity for once.

So, if you read the Dolce & Gabbana post below, you might have visited the Love Your Body site sponsored by NOW. It had a great collection of offensive ads, of which D&G topped the list, but I also think it bears mentioning that they have a great site of positive ads too.

"Positive ads?" you say, bewildered and confused. Yes, positive ones! Women don't always have to be at the mercy of beer peddlers who toss them in skanty bikinis and force them to shill watered-down piss, or cosmetics companies that prey upon their insecurities, promise the world in a compact, and then fail to deliver.

Unsurprisingly, Dove has a number ads featured on this site, as well as the Girl Scouts (man, if they had offensive ads, we'd be doomed).

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CorinneKay44 said...

Two women who represented NOW came to my owmen's studies class. I thought that they made a complelling presentation. I do not think that their ideals are negative, but are uplifting to women. They gave our love you body calenders. I do not think that they are part of the problem.

I do enjoy the Dove campaign as well.