Monday, March 26, 2007

I might not be able to park, but at least I don't crash.

In a step towards debunking the long-held stereotype that men are better drivers than women, a recent study shows that women are better at splitting their attention on a number of tasks at once and have better overall “mental flexibility.” We may not be that hot at reading a map or parallel parking, but we’re less aggressive drivers and the accidents we do have happen at lower speeds.

Happily, a South African insurance company, 1st for Women insurance, has noted this, and is offering lower premiums to female drivers. (Many insurers already offer slightly lower rates for women 18-25 when compared to their male counterparts, but these rates tend to level out as drivers age.)

According to the ads, “If men were women, we’d insure them. But they’re not. So they don’t get to pay substantially lower car insurance premiums. Cover with care.” Black River Football Club, from Johannesburg, South Africa, handled the campaign. (Click the images for larger versions.)


Via Adpunch.

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CorinneKay44 said...

I think that having an only female insurance is contributing to the problems of inequality. Women should get equal coverage to males. Insurance should not be absed on gender, but compartible driving. I know of some terrible women drives and great male drivers. Not all males are out of control, aggressive drivers and not all women and careful, slow drivers. But I would have to comend the insurance company for trying to prove that the stereotype that women are all terrible drivers isn't true.