Thursday, March 29, 2007

Little things we'll forget...

Found some mediocre Post-it print work via Coolz0r:

A) “Look Up:” I’m glad that Post-it is trying reminding guys to look up, but as AdRants points out, the presence of the note itself may give guys an excuse to stare. (One commenter even said “If she really wanted me to look up, don't wear it so low!”) It’s a nice cheeky response for women who are tired of men’s drifting eyes, but overall, the execution could have come off a lot stronger and less voyeuristic.
B) “Jade:” I think this one’s also trying to capture the humor of the first ad, but falls a tad flat. “For all the little things you’ll forget?” Regardless of your views on hook-up culture, I hope that you’d show a little more respect to your paramour, regardless of gender. The fact that is IS a woman who’s physically labeled just further reinforces negative stereotypes and behaviors.

Note to agency: try again. (Though... might it be spec? More can be found here.)

Agency: The Jupiter Drawing Room (Johannesburg)

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CorinneKay44 said...

I think that this advestisement is both hilarious and offensive. It is displaying the problems that happen everyday. The first picture portrays that men look at a woman's breast instead of her face when talking. This can be true. For that, I think that the advestiser made a good call, but there are two problems with the portrayal. This stereotypes every man as insensitive. That all they do is stare at women. The advestisement is also adding to the problem. The sticky note is placed by her breasts. It is bringing attention to the problem which is a bit ironic. I think that advestisement could have been done better without the sexual inuendos.