Friday, January 12, 2007

Tears dry, memories don't.

Incredibly powerful group of print ads for Ipas Brazil, part of the Ipas Intl. group. Domestic and sexual violence is still rather prevalent in the country, with reports by the WHO and the Population Reference Bureau routinely citing lack of enforcement and resultant low reporting as major issues. As recent as the '80s and '90s, the country has declined to prosecute, convict or address the offenders that did stand accused. With the government's laisse-faire attitude, it's no surprise that women may not feel comfortable coming forward, especially if the abuse is suffered at the hands of a family member. I think the Ipas campaign is incredibly compelling- it grabs you and you can't help but feel the strangled emotion, silent screams, and fear coming from these women. But until the government is more reponsive and willing to consider the rights of all its citizens, I'm not sure how much change this may bring. At the very least however, it brings more awareness to the issue, and doesn't let the problem recede into the background.

(Click the images for larger versions- the depth of detail is worth it.)

via Houtlust.


CorinneKay44 said...

These pictures are amazing!

CorinneKay44 said...

I really enjoy this pictures. I have always been interested in visual art. These grab attention and portray very well the oppression of women and how they feel. I also like that they have several images that include all reaces of women.