Thursday, January 04, 2007

Packaging Girlhood's '06 Wrap-Up

My favorite year-end list comes from Packaging Girlhood. I definitely agree with their summary- the Dove campaign was one of my favorites this year too.

One item that escaped my attention this year that they listed: British citizens caused a store in
London to pull a pole-dancing set sold in the toy department of a London store." Jesus- it's good that parents were able to step in, but the fact that something like that could have been in stores and sold to girls at all makes me a little queasy. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a vet, an artist or work at a zoo. I never realized I could also aspire to be a stripper.

Anyway, it looks like Sharon Lamb and Lyn Mikel Brown also have a book out this year.... it's going on my reading list.


CorinneKay44 said...

I really liked this article. I agree with a lot of what is said. Too many times, do women think that they need to look a certain way or act a certain way because of media influence. I personally love Nintendo because I grew up on it, and I love the "Mother Love" commercial. It shows a new way for families to praise each other instead of tearing each other down. Wouldn't it be wonderful if every commercial or toy had to have a disclaimer saying that this is not how real women are, this is only how they are depicted to raise sales. I am glad that Dove chose to take a stance on media issues as well. Do these come out every year?

Jennifer said...

A disclaimer like that would be pretty effective- I bet sales would drop like an anvil.

I'm not sure if a list is published every year, but I know I'll keep an eye out for next year's list.