Friday, June 16, 2006

Tui Beer: Brewed by Women, Marketed by Clouts.

Was this made by a team of college guys, or are they just selling to them? Tui's approach is incredibly immature, full of slow-mo shots of women in cut-offs, heels, tanktops, etc. The premise of this low-bro ad is simple: Tui beer is irresistable to men, and as such, all male workers have been banned from the brewery. They were drinking away the profits and product. Now, incredibly attractive, buxom, and otherwise above-average women staff the brewery-- it's become a Willy Wonka paradise of beer, but with playmates instead of Umpa-loompahs.

With commercials like this, I'm betting Tui is a cheap crappy beer often seen at frat parties and consumed in bulk. (At least, that's how they're positioning themselves.) It also seems, based on their own ads, that women have more sense than to drink this crap. Real women don't drink Tui. They drink Guiness [or insert other superior brand here].

*Update: Tui hails from New Zealand, where they've been "distracting the boys from the task at hand since 1889." I bet-- the girls have better things to do.


MaMa-Feminista said...

Just wanted to drop a note saying I love your blog subject. I'm a graduate student in Art History and Women's Studies who specializes in contemporary art and popular culture. Images of women do not go ignored with me so thanks for your eyes and words.

Jennifer said...

Thanks a lot! If you find any spots I haven't covered, let me know. I'm always looking for new things to check out.

Connie said...

Interesting beer commercial. Much like cats with catnip, men can't handle Tui. When they cut to the outside of the brewery the second time and say that women now run it, the music that swells up in the background sounds celestial. The shot of the brewery (in both instances) is from the ground, looking up. I get the sense that the brewery is like Mt. Olympus and the women are dishing out bits of heaven. Of course the men are gonna want it!