Friday, June 09, 2006

Adicolor Podcasts

Adidas recently commisioned seven different directors to helm viral spots based simply on a color- this was used to hype the launch of the new Adicolor line of shoes. (You can color them yourself!)

While White might not be that amazing, primarily relying on Jenna Jameson's wrack to make it's point, Pink and the other films are amazing works of viral video. Pink's story is intriguing, using some strong art direction to back up an odd little tale that definitely ends too soon-- half of it's quicktime play bar is taken up by credits. Supremely abstract, I'm still struggling to figure out if there's greater meaning to Pink, or if it's just eye candy? Either way, that bear is creepy.


Connie said...

What a magical, surreal video clip! The slow-paced action and music give it a dreamlike quality and just like a dream, I'm not sure what it all means. The animated girl is transformed into a motionless, pink sequinned beauty. Shades of Sleeping Beauty? Romeo & Juliet also come to mind, given the way the bear is caressing her at the end. And yes, the bear is very strange! Not sure what this has to do with sneakers, though!

Jennifer said...

A few people, myself included, have wondered if the pink goo (esp. flowing from a rather symbolic looking conch shell) represents menstration. Didn't think of the Sleeping Beauty angle at all!

As for sneakers, Adidas basically just asked for films based on the colors. Shoes didn't have to be involved at all. It was a totally open brief and the directors were allowed to do anything they wanted (within reason). A lot of interesting work came out of the project!

Connie said...

If these clips are art for art's sake then I applaud Adidas for funding the projects! I'd love to see how the other colors were represented. Thanks for broadening my view!