Friday, April 27, 2007

Rivitalizing Wonder Woman

Good news and a disappointing fact.

Good news: Jodi Piccoult is writing a short run of Wonder Woman for DC comics.

Disappointment: Wonder Woman’s character is over sixty years old, and this is the second time she’s being written by a woman. For a character that’s supposed to embody empowerment, it’s pretty disappointing. No wonder she falls kind of flat—she’s never struck me as having any substance. As Piccoult notes, "Over the years, she has had many different incarnations in the human world, some that I thought were pathetic," she says. "[But] there's never been something that a reader could sink their teeth into and say, 'Oh yeah, this is why I'm like her.' (CNN’s article here.)

Piccoult plans to focus more on Diana Prince, Wonder Woman’s alter ego, and the pressures upon her to succeed. I’m looking forward to reading the six-issue run. It could revitalize a hero that felt glossy and fake—all make-up and spangles, no real nerve, struggle, or heart. She’s a terrific metaphor for the internal struggle women face today, and if written correctly, could be a great vehicle to explore gender politics and pressures.

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