Sunday, June 10, 2007

Food as a Code.

What someone eats or doesn't has always said volumes about the person- it can be a political or ethical statement (vegans, vegetarians), or say that you're socially/environmentally minded (organic and local food enthusiats), or just say something about your preferences (pink lemonade and animal crackers!). Food can also convey a deeper message: this print work, for an Italian eating disorder awareness association, makes that point pretty clear. Click to make the image larger- the tag says “May use food to communicate their need for help. Only a few understand that.”

Decoding the signs can be tough- how can you tell between a picky eater and something deeper? For help learning more, check out the group’s website, or for English resources, try this site or this one. (Privacy note: Both English sites made it very clear that they don’t allow diet ads or other hypocritical sponsorship on their site; Anred takes this a step further and doesn’t even use cookies.)

via Houtlust.


Alexander said...

Now I want Pink Lemonade and Animal Crackers.

But that's a fantastic ad campaign. Why don't American companies come up with things that well done?

Jennifer said...

I'm not sure the AdCouncil or other public service organizations have quite the same budget as some of the ones in more socialist nations, or if the same issues are a priority here. Most of the really good eating disorder awareness stuff I've found has come from Europe. There are definitely decent American campaigns, just for different issues. Our anti-smoking stuff, especially anything put out by the Truth, is usually pretty smart.