Thursday, April 26, 2007

A six is a six, a ten is a ten- in Spain, at least.

I like clothes. They're useful. They keep me warm. They protect my skin and body from the sun and weather. They're soft and pastel, sturdy and denim, comforting and flannel. As much as I like clothing though, sometimes shopping for it is a royal pain in the ass.

Picking up a pair of jeans can be a nightmare- besides having to decide on a cut and a wash, supposedly simple details like what size I wear can become ordeals. Express is an eight. Fashion Bug, 6. Old Navy, 10. What gives? Why does this have to be such a head ache? My waist doesn't change size in between stores-- mall pretzels aren't that fattening.

So, you can imagine that this is great news from MSNBC-- Spain is regulating the size of the mannequins shown in store displays (none will be smaller than a size 6) and, even better, is going to standardize all women's sizes so that a size 6 is a size 6 (or whatever size it is) no matter what store you shop in. I think that's a great idea- guys have long had it pretty easy since their measurement are in inches. Girls on the other hand deal with the inconvienance of varying sizes as you shop at different stores. Besides convienance, it'll also help eliminate some embarrassment-- no longer will you feel fat at one particular store. Everything'll be the same.

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