Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Just a Little Naughty

These three print ads for Rush (some form of ready-made drink?) are initially pretty fun. I like the sense of play, and the kid in me likes the grown-up take on the fairy-tale characters.

Fairy-tale women have historically been either good or evil—no in betweens. There’s no ambiguity at all in these cautionary tales. Women are usually represented as pure, virutious virgins (who happen to be beautiful, or become beautiful by the end of the tale) or evil ugly crones. Your outside appearance is a clear reflection of your inside.

Now, we all know in real life that this isn’t the case. We’re not black or white- we’re all varying shades of grey. (Think of the old virgin/whore dichotomy.) Women can’t be held to impossible standards, and a woman’s beauty shouldn’t be a reflection of whether or not she’s generous, caring, or friendly with woodland creatures. I think these ads playfully help to dispel these standards.

Another thing I like about these, is that with the slight exception of the Cinderella ad, is that they’re not emphasizing sex. Yes, the women are attractive, yes, their gaze is knowing, naughty and a tad seductive, but they aren’t baring their bodies or showing a lot of skin.

It’s mischievous, it’s impish, it’s fun. And hey- the costumes work well for Halloween.

These ads aren't very new-- I found them a month or so ago online, and forgot to note where. Any ideas?


David Vinjamuri said...


Great stuff, I am glad to see that you are still contributing your unique voice to the ad critique world. Let me know how it is going.


Andrea said...

Very interesting blog. I usually watch ads and note things they do and say, so it was interesting reading your post. I hope to see more.

Anonymous said...

I didnt find thing that i need... :-(