Friday, October 06, 2006

Grind it deeper?

Ok, first off, apologies for not telling people in advance that I was taking a small vacation last week. (It was nice. Good time in rural NY and PA.)

EDIT- As per the request below, the images from this post and comments based on them have been removed. 7/23/07


Anonymous said...

Erm... not sure I catch the problem with the ad, really.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jennifer;

Our firm provides various services to Nippon Beer Co., Ltd., including coordination and legal support. Nippon Beer Co. is the official importer of Corona Extra in Japan.

It has been brought to the attention of Nippon Beer Co., that your web site is posting unauthorized images of a design, which incorporates the Corona Extra trademark. The design was created by a Mr. Uemura while he was an employee and/or agent of Ogilvy & Mather Japan. Following are the links with the unauthorized images:

Nippon Beer Co. never authorized Ogilvy & Mather Japan or Mr. Uemura to post the designs with the Corona Extra trademark on the World Wide Web or to otherwise release the design into the public domain.

The posting of these images on the web site, the continuing and unauthorized use of the Corona Extra trademark on the toxicmedia.blogspot web site and comments posted on the web site has caused and is causing on-going and irreparable harm to the trademark owner, Grupo Modelo SA de CV (Mexico) and to Nippon Beer Co., Ltd.

On behalf of Nippon Beer Co., Ltd., we demand the immediate removal of the above links and all postings of the unauthorized images on your web site.

Should toxicmedia.blogspot fail or refuse to remove these postings of the unauthorized design from your web site, by July 31, 2007, Nippon Beer Co., Ltd. and/or Grupo Modelo SA de CV will engage legal counsel to protect the Corona Extra trademark, will seek injunctive relief, and will seek monetary damages caused by the unauthorized release of the design.


Steven P. Meier
Manager – Operations
Nippon Beer Co. (USA)
Tel: 303-302-5899

cc: S. Uchida
Nippon Beer Co., Ltd.

Jennifer said...

Sure- images are removed as of today.