Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Flag it: Ending Relationship Abuse.

I've posted before about various types of domestic violence and abuse, and it's an issue that's going to keep coming up. However, this campaign for the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance addresses more than physical violence- it tackles the emotional and mental abuse as well. Jealousy, emotional blackmail, issues of control: these are things that leave a more lasting mark than a bruise. And it's not just heterosexual women who suffer either.

"The good thing about this project that it's not about abuse in a general way but giving the symptons a name like excessive jealousy or isolation." says Houtlust, and I totally agree. These early symptoms are like the early stages of a cold. If you catch them quick enough, they're relatively easier to handle then the full blown virus.

The Red Flag Campaign has its own site, with more information on how to support friends and also yourself. For a long time, the emotional portion of abuse, or even just emotional problems within a relationship, weren't treated as action issues. For the most part, they still aren't. If a couple has issues, it's between the couple. Hopefully this work will help start a dialogue, or at the very least, increase awareness. Your partner may not be hitting you, but that doesn't mean you're in a healthy relationship.


Houtlust said...

All credits goes to Noah from ALR design:

He did a great job with this campaign

Jennifer said...

He certainly did! The rest of his site isn't too shabby either.