Friday, September 01, 2006

Tulle is in, and it's such a waste to wear it to the morgue.

Houtlust has had these lovely prints on their site for awhile, and while I noticed them immediately, I wasn't sure what I could say that he hadn't. A creative director was walking by my desk when I was looking at them for like the fourth time, and he stopped to look. His immediate reaction? Beautiful imagery. Almost too gorgeous to make its point.

I've been mulling that over, and I think I might agree. While I love the message the campaign has, I'm questioning its effectiveness. It'd be great if these ran in the magazines, next to all the Chanel, Ralph Lauren, etc. Amid all of those other glossy and beautiful photos, it'd be interesting to see if people "saw" the message, or if they just saw the couture.

Agency: FCB Singapore

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