Wednesday, September 06, 2006

More from Dove & its Real Women

Here are some print ads from Dove's Real Women campaign-- done by Ogilvy in the UK. I like these ads a lot more than I do the ones I had originally seen. There's no emphasis on weight here, except in the Fit/Fat peice.

All of the women seem happy, empowered, and self confident in these photos. These capture the spirit of the campaign, in my eyes.

On a total aside, here's an article about the choice to "go grey," cultural beauty norms, and how hair color affects how women percieve themselves. I'd like to think I'll let my hair go natural when it decides to. Ever notice how male news anchors have steely grey hair and look noble, but all the women are perky blonds? (I'm looking at you, Katie Couric et al.) Double standards, urgh.

Now that I'm thinking about it, maybe those thoughts aren't such a detour after all. Hmm. Stay tuned for further developments.

Found at Ads of the World.

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