Thursday, September 07, 2006

Radio Donna's Dance Spray

So, not only does this feature a semi-scantily glad woman getting ready for a night out, but it's also capitalizing on popular racial stereotypes.

I found this puzzling print ad on Ads of the World, and initially had a tough time trying to figure out what it advertised. Obviously, there's no real spray for this (try dance lessons), so what's it all about?

Radio Donna. It's some sort of Belgian radio station, and I guess the ad ties in with the hip urban lifestyle they're promoting with their events and music.

The imagery is creative, I'll give them that, and on its face, the ad is original, catches your eye, etc. Still, this objectifies black women; it dehumanizes them in a way. We don't need their faces, their bodies; their identities-- just their groovy legs.


Houtlust said...

It's a stereotype. It sexualize black women.

Jennifer said...


Jugo said...

Yeah, but... white women can't dance as well.

It is kind of funny.