Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Some new links and a Not-So-Hot BET Mess.

Added two new links today- definitely check them out: Jezebel, focusing on "celebrity, sex, fashion, without the airbrushing," and What About Our Daughters, a blog committed to combating negative portrayals on African American women in pop culture, particularly music.

What About Our Daughters is currently leading a pretty successful crusade against a new BET show, based on a website, called Hot Ghetto Mess. There's an open letter to corporate America on the site, and according to Yahoo Entertainment News, at least two sponsors have dropped the show from their ad time (State Farm and Home Depot). After checking out the site, I totally agree w/ WAOD-- it's incredibly degrading and encourages stereotypes. If BET is supposed to be for African Americans, can't they take the high road and support change, rather than perpetuating a cycle that encourages prison culture, pimps and ho's, and is anti-woman and anti-education?

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